Thinking….To Travel or To Keep my Day Job?

Over the last few weeks, I was physically present at my workplace but not mentally there. I was torn in keeping my day job or travelling for months with what I got saved.

I was trying to fight this feeling. It must have been a stage or a season. I am trying to convince myself that I will be over it. I have a stable job with a six-digit salary where it helped me afford the things in life and travel comforably. However, my job is literally sucking the life out of me. The constant demand and deadlines at work makes me feel so drained. My lower back, my shoulders and my neck are screaming in pain. I am contemplating to be a corporate drop out!

With a bit of savings, I can travel and be a nomad for months. There are people who have made it, I say to myself. Those people who did it look so happy and free. Those people who made it have found means to earn too, right? If they can do it, I can. This idea seems so fascinating for me.

My heart tells me go for it but my mind tells me be patient. I am torn between leaving behind what I built over the years and follow my passion or staying in the corporate jungle. Any thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Thinking….To Travel or To Keep my Day Job?

  1. Well… happiness is a choice…. frankly speaking I was too struggling with my work and life balance…..My shoulders, neck ….etc have been paining like hell…. Recently I was observing some signs of depression due to all this…..That’s when I decided that I need to take steps for a healthy and happy life.I have started reading books …. at least 10 minutes breathing exercises….a brisk walk for at least 10 minutes….and meeting my old friends……we have decided that we’ll meet once every two months …. travel to places…..for at least 2 days in two months…..that’s all ….. I can see that I with a bit of effort ,I am able to live my life to the fullest….It is working on me…you have to start it soon…. don’t wait even for one day…. write down the plans…. things which make you happy…and Start working on them…..The post was actually something I could to…good work πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

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