A Weekend Getaway to the Surf Capital of Australia

It was a long and stressful week at work so I decided to book a last minute getway from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne CBD. As soon as the clock stike 5 on a Friday night, I rushed to pack my bag off to drive to Torquay, the surfing capital of Australia.

The drive was smooth and easy. It only took and hour and a half to reach Torquay. I reached at the Wyndham Resort when it was still bright and sunny. The resort is walking distance to the beach and restaurants which is a plus for a tourist. As soon as I checked in, I decided to drive around and check out the scenic views and the cool beachfront restaurants. I spent the next two hours enjoying the place until it got dark. On the way back home, my eyes were hypnotized to the sight of the big red moon and its reflection in the water. Seriously, this picture does not give justice to the presence of the moon that night.

I woke up the next day feeling so pumped and ready to conquer. I started with an early morning stroll at the Fisherman’s beach in front of the resort. It was low tide, quiet and serene. Locals and their dogs were enjoying, playing ball catch and having an early morning swim. The sea breeze was so refreshing. I loved how I can dip my foot in the cold water and feel connected to nature.

Next stop was breakfast at the Growlers, a beachfront restaurant which is packed with locals and tourist. I decided to have some lovely pancakes and my daily dose of cappuccino that morning.

A few minutes drive away from the hotel is the Surf City. It houses iconic surfing shops such as Rip Curl, Quicksilver, Billabong snd many others. The abundance of the surf gears and boards speak about the surf culture in Torquay for years now.

To immerse myself in the surfing history of Torquay, I headed to the Australian National Surfing Museum. This is a cool museum which contains antique surfboards. It was fun to see how the size and design of the surfboards evolved in time.

This time I could not wait to head to Bells Beach where world champs Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Alana Blanchard, Stephanie Gilmore and many others competed in the annual Rip Curl Surf Competion in Bells Beach.

On the opposite side of Bells Beach was another surf beach called Winkipop. The waves are higher in Winkipop in this particular afternoon. The surfers were enjoying the waves while a lot of spectators were watching. You’ll definitely notice that Bells Beachs and Winkipop are for pros and experienced surfers.

The waves were high and rough at Bells Beach and Winkipop so I decided to head to Surf Beach to swim and enjoy a much gentler waves. It is popular amongst families with small children and surf learners. On the right side of the beach is this beautiful rock formation which is so good to behold.

The last beach stop was Jan Juc which is less crowded. The waves are stronger than Surf Beach but weaker than Bells Beach. I laid in the sand and watched surfers manoeuvre their board agains the waves.

This weekend was really fun and exciting. I already planned of a surf lesson on the next visit. At the end of March till the beginnning of April is the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach World Tour. I am defintely coming back to witness World Champs battle each other and conquer the raging waves!


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