Guide for a day trip in Manila

If you have one day stopover in Manila, what would you do?

Here are seven of the suggested safe places 15-30 mins away from the international airport.

1) Visit the Dancing Fountain of Okada

Thinking about a dancing fountain? Probaby the first thing that comes to your mind is the Bellagio in Las Vagas.

On my last visit in Manila, I really enjoyed being able to watch the dancing fountains in Okada. Every movement of the water is in perfect sync with the music. I can stay for hours just looking at this eye candy. The colours are changing with every beat of music. The show is just spectacular!

Dance with the waves. Move with the sea. Let the rthym of the water set your soul free. -Christy Ann Martine

Entry Cost: Free and only 15-30 mins from the airport depending on traffic

2. Shop at the Mall of Asia

This is a massive complex which offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. Head to the back area of the complex overlooking the Manila bay. The MOA eye observation wheel can be found there too. There are Imax cinemas, ice skating rink and a sports complex within the vicinity .

3. Check out the Star City

If you are travelling with kids, Star City is the place to be. There are plenty of rides and shows that would keep you and your kids entertained.

Entry Cost: Ride all you can only cost around $10. What a bargain hey!

4. Be amused at the Manila Ocean Park

Oh well, this is a massive aquarium with a wide variety of colorful species of fish and marine animals. I was so upclose to the sharks and big fish in the aquarium tunnel. Try the fish spa and let the small fish eat the dead skin off your feet. My ultimate favorite in this place is the dancing jelly fish.

Entry Cost: $10- $20 depending of your chosen activities. It is reasonable for the many things you’ll see.

5. Check out Popular Cultural Sites

Head to Luneta and have a picture in the monument of Jose Rizal, the Philippines National Hero. Not so far away is Intramuros which is an old fort dating back the Spanish colonial era.

6. Dine in Buffet Restaurants

Buffet is a thing in Manila. There are a lot of option in every mall, food centers and casinos. You can chose a decent Japanese buffet for $10, a mid range Filipino buffet for $20 or a high end buffet in a hotel or casino for $45+

7. Enjoy the sunset at Manila Bay.

The good tropical weather makes sunset watching more enjoyable. You can head to the Baywalk in the Roxas Boulevard or at the back of the Mall of Asia complex.

Manila has many more things to offer and places to see. Hope you enjoy your stopover. That’s all folks!


3 thoughts on “Guide for a day trip in Manila

  1. Next time try to visit Intramuros. It’s more of a historical place. If you want to some fun and have a couple of rides. Star City is so old a little bit crowded. Try to check out Enchanted Kingdom. When it comes to Mall, if you want to chill better check out around BGC. A lot to do there.

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