Somewhere in Between

The sky is my ceiling, the land and ocean are my floor, the trees and mountains are my walls ,the world is my home” –¬†islandergoesabroad

I was born and bred in a country of 7,100 islands. I love my roots and my people. I caught a travel bug in 2005 and was itching to see the world ever since. I decided to move to the “Land Down Under” to pursue this burning passion. My decision to move allowed to me see and experience more from life and the world. My day job in big global corporate allows to me fund my passion in travel. My career is doing really well right now and I am not planning to quit any time soon. I promised myself that my day job would not hinder me for pursuing my passion nor my passion would be a stumbling block towards my career progression. I am not a millenial nor a Gen X. I am somewhere in between likened to the place where the river meets the ocean. I want the best of both worlds – to experience the world and keep a stable job.


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