Tips for a Solo Female Traveller in Brunei

Travelling or stopping over to Brunei solo? Are you a female traveller who do not know what to expect?

Here are my top five tips in your Brunei holiday or stopover:

1. Dress accordingly

Brunei has a warm tropical climate and it very enticing to wear shorts and sleveless. Reconsider you choice of #OOTD. It is expected that tourists wear something modest and culturally appropriate. Too much exposure of skin is a big no no.

Suggested OOTD – Tshirt and Jeans/pants

2. Book a Tour vs Own Freestyle

The two known landmarks of Brunei are Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin and Jame Asr’ Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque. A tour guide can give the proper guidance on what to do before being allowed entry to the mosque.

Another thing to Remember: Wear a robe, which is available at the entry of the mosque and then remove your shoes.

3. Do not forget your freebie (yay!) if you are travelling via Royal Brunei Airlines

Avail your free city tour if you are travelling via RBA. Before booking a tour from another tour provider, check out your freebie first from the airport Helpdesk.

4. Sunscreen all the way

It is hot in Brunei almost year round. Do not forget bring your sunscreen and sunnies. The humidity can be quite heavy at times so make sure you keep hydrated!

5. Practice general caution

Brunei is a safe country to travel. I have asked a number of foreign workers while travelling and the feedback is unanimous that they felt safe. No need to worry but practice general common sense. The locals are friendly and helpful too. Other than that, I hope you will enjoy your time in Brunei as much as I did!


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